Ubuntu privacy (lack of)

trade4us2, Jan 15, 8:51pm
I now have Ubuntu 12.10. I cannot see how to "opt out" of Ubuntu's breach of my privacy apart from turning off cookies (which makes many sites inoperable). If I search for MY FILES in MY OWN MACHINE I don't see why my search terms and my IP address should be sent to third parties.
I'm wondering if I should delete Ubuntu and try something else.
Here are Ubuntu's privacy rules:
Collection and use of data

When you enter a search term into the dash Ubuntu will search your Ubuntu computer and will record the search terms locally.

Unless you have opted out (see the ???Online Search??? section below), we will also send your keystrokes as a search term to productsearch.ubuntu.com and selected third parties so that we may complement your search results with online search results from such third parties including: Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon. Canonical and these selected third parties will collect your search terms and use them to provide you with search results while using Ubuntu.

By searching in the dash you consent to:

the collection and use of your search terms and IP address in this way; and
the storage of your search terms and IP address by Canonical and such selected third parties (if applicable).

trade4us2, Jan 15, 9:15pm

badcam, Jan 15, 10:39pm
I no longer use Ubuntu, but from what little I've read of what they're doing, I don't have a problem with it EXCEPT that it should be Opt-IN, not Opt-OUT. You should have to choose to participate, not apply to Opt OUT.

trade4us2, Jan 15, 11:31pm
I may have managed to opt out using the privacy settings.

osymandias, Jan 15, 11:59pm
If you still think anything you do is private, you're kidding yourself.

But Ubuntu is a simple fix, in terminal:
sudo apt-get remove unity-lens-shopping

chnman, Jan 16, 12:10am
Yes, very annoying. It's like those Windows installs where if you don't do a custom install and remove ticks from extra software, you'll get toolbars etc installed.

magneto5, Jan 17, 3:28am
Very true that's why we all use Linux if it has something we don't like we can remove it.

little_egypt, Jan 17, 3:30am

I removed Ubuntu.

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