DIY Website Creation Sites - Advice needed pl

pawznfinz, Jan 15, 7:41am
Have looked at Domainz today - but seems too technical.well for me anyway :/they don't seem to have a big range of templates either. Can someone please suggest some other DIY website outfits that you may have used or heard of - preferably a company who has 24/7 phone support rather than just email contact. To have a website created by a website designer will cost me DIY looks to be the only option at this stage. TIA

dice4, Jan 15, 8:22am
I use Don't know about phone support but there are plenty of tutorials on using their site on youtube.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 9:06am
You won't find anywhere in NZthat will have phone support 24/7 for an online website builder, or if there is it will not likely be cheap.
You can probably get a website done for around 1k qute easily.

matakatia, Jan 15, 9:09am
Wix is pretty good. They have excellent 24 hour support - even for free sites.

newbie5, Jan 15, 9:43am
Most webhosts have a free website builder or just get a blog

mattnzw, Jan 15, 9:55am
They are asking for 24 hour 'phone support'.

mattnzw, Jan 15, 9:56am
But hosts won't provide support for them, at least not most of them, as they will say they are 'third party', and to contact the software vendor. It sounds like the OP may need a lot of handholding over the phone, which is expensive to provide, hence why they maybe better to hire someone, as it isn't that expensive if they shop around.

pawznfinz, Jan 15, 5:36pm
Oh thats interesting, i was told and the ones that i have rung so far to enquire - they all start from $3500+. might do a bit more digging then.thanks

jancemord, Jan 15, 5:52pm
1K is easy

pawznfinz, Jan 15, 6:15pm
can you refer someone who can for that amount pl.

lythande1, Jan 15, 6:22pm
For sure.
At $6 a month, people seem to expect the earth.

pawznfinz, Jan 15, 6:34pm
Sorry, are you in the right thread! Who said anything about $6 a month.let alone expecting the earth for that! :o)

mattnzw, Jan 16, 12:38am
Sure a big company might, but a contractor or small company shoul dbe able to setup a wordpress or concrete 5 website with a template cheaply.

newbie5, Jan 16, 4:30am
Now you will get untold ones coming on here and saying they will build youa site for around $500 .but remember they are not qualified web designers most are just students.
If you want to get it done properly with support then use a reputable web design company and dont let them talk you into using their hosting company

aph, Jan 16, 8:16pm
I've used for hosting as well as they website builder.They're in the naki and have great phone support, not sure if it's 24/7 though.They may not be the cheapest but they're not the most expensive either and they are in NZ.

juliew3, Jan 17, 12:24am
Actually many of the web design companies you see ads for have propitiatory CMS systems, which they require you to host it with them. Although that means you are essentially only leasing the website, as it can't be moved elsewhere.

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