stitch50, Jan 16, 6:53am
Hi . Is anyone running all of the above / Please can you get the TM emails to open full screen ! I have a fairly major vision problem , and have my size of every thing to the largest size , but I can not get TM emails to fill full screen ,
Has anyone any suggestions I could try , its driving me nuts .
PS. both FF, and Thunderbird are latest versions .
thank you .

drsr, Jan 16, 9:46am
There's an addon for full-screen mode:

All it really does is maximize the window and hide the toolbar and status bar though.

There's an option under View, Zoom, Zoom Text Only that controls whether the images zoom as well as the text, would that help!

stitch50, Jan 16, 8:38pm
Thanks drsr,I'll try both and see if any thing does the trick . Cheers

stitch50, Jan 16, 8:51pm
Thank you Thank you ,Thank you . the un clicking the zoom textdid the trick. High fives all roundCheers

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