Very simple Website to advertise a business - ?

angelzw, Jan 13, 7:58pm
I am looking to design a very simple website to advertise a business (plumbing etc) so no online sales or shopping carts etc required. Will be fairly static. I would like to design it myself and maintain it myself. Can anyone recommend how I go about it! Don't even know where to start. I don't want anything seriously complex like learning Dreamweaver or anything like that. Probably just prefer a template and have it hosted . Have heard Telecom offer this. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

lythande1, Jan 14, 12:40am
There are free (or cheap) templates you can download and edit.
Or you can use one of the build it apps like Wordpress, most hosting companies have this and the others available to use and create the site.
Telecom are rip-off, go with Webslice, who also have great support.

haventrader, Jan 14, 12:48am
Try Very easy to use. I had mine up and running in an afternoon. Cheers

suicidemonkey, Jan 14, 12:57am
Yeah Wix is fantastic

mattnzw, Jan 14, 3:22am
Find a NZ host that has RV Site builder. Very easy to use and you own the website, so it can be moved between host. Otherwise you are only renting the website with many of these other systems.

Or setup a wordpress website with a host.

angelzw, Jan 14, 8:03pm
Thanks heaps. Looking into it now.

dice4, Jan 15, 4:42am is also good. They host the site, costs northing. Setting up the site is all straight forward too. Then just buy a domain name (website address) through a third party and have it directed to the weebly site, there are youtube videos on how to do this. All very easy. Costs me $20 per year for the domain name.

deej5, Jan 15, 6:36am
If you are on a mac have a look at Sandvox. It costs about a hundred bucks and is so simple with 50 or 60 designs to choose from. Google them and try the free demo. The demo will let you design your site before buying. Great value. I've been using them for my site for 2 years now. It's simplicity itself.
Look at my site to see what can be done:

mattnzw, Jan 15, 9:37am
Don't they put advertising on it though. Also I suspect the free version will be restricted and they have paid plans with more features.
Squarespace is a better one I think, but not 'free'.

newbie5, Jan 15, 9:41am
Why dont you just get a blog they are free

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