Advice re: iMac/Apple etc

Hi all - just a quick bit of advice needed if someone doesn't mind please!I've had my iMac for approx 6 mths & I am still finding it hard to get the most out of it.simple things like navigation & how to properly & effortlessly transfer/organise photos etc.There's so much stuff on it that I'm not using.

I'm finding it really frustrating.Having been a PC and Notebook user, I can't get my head round the iMac's functionality etc.

So here's my question - I'm willing to pay someone to come and give me some tips & pointers & answer my (dumb) questions, but who/what/where is the first place to start do you think !Are there Apple specialists !!

I hate the online tutorial things, I'm much better when I'm shown.

Any ideas would be most appreciated :-)

geek_cameron-albany, Jan 14, 7:07 pm

Try asking at the iStore in Takapuna - they might be able to help you.I'm on my second iMac 27 (the latest version) and you're right, there is a lot that goes unused through lack of knowledge but it is well worth the effort of learning. Good luck.

geek_michael200, Jan 14, 9:28 pm

thank you :-)I work in Taka and know where that store is so I'll pop in and ask some advice.Cheers.

geek_cameron-albany, Jan 15, 9:48 pm