Funny noise out of my speakers

lilyfield, Jan 14, 6:49pm
about once a day one of themgoes:randomly crackly- da da dum dadaa dum dada dum,in the rhythm of a horse gallopping, quite loud. Are they on theway out!

tmenz, Jan 14, 7:30pm
That sounds like it might be ripple control for your hot water or you have a digital phone transmitting near your amplifier/speakers.

bytheriver, Jan 14, 9:03pm
Hey, ho Silver!Well the one time I had a continueus problem with cracking was eventually fixed by up dating the driver

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 14, 9:05pm
Possibly GSM interference or one I used to get was the courier drives RT would randomly go through my PC speakers when he was pulling out the driveway at work.

suicidemonkey, Jan 14, 9:12pm
Sounds like GSM interference to me

lilyfield, Jan 14, 10:33pm
can't be-- hot water is off and don't have a phone

wil keep an eye on the courier, that is possible, lots of trucks pulling up for the shop next door.But it has only started in the last month.
driver for the pluck in speakers!

lilyfield, Jan 14, 10:34pm
and what is GSM interference!

tmenz, Jan 15, 6:34am
GSM is the cellphone network - particularly Vodafone etc. - but you say you don't have a phone! Do you mean you don't have a home phone or a cellphone or both!
When you say the hot water is off - does that mean that it's simply switched off or you don't have an electric hot water system!
Ripple control (where it is fitted) is still active, controlling the hot water relay, regardless of whether a hot water cylinder is switched on or off!

trade4us2, Jan 15, 8:00am
Some power companies send a signal to all of their customers to turn the hot water heaters on or off. The signal can be heard in any speakers that happen to be on, e.g. radios or computer speakers. It doesn't matter whether or not you have a hot water heater - the signal goes to everybody.

lilyfield, Jan 15, 8:11am
aha--learned something-thanks both

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