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camac99, Jan 10, 5:48am
Bought a small webcam on TM for use with Skype. Seller said should be plug & Play with Windows XP. No obvious brand name, label on bottom says cam-700 and paper label a back EAGLE and possible month of manufacture. 3 LED's each side of lens if that helps identify.

Please advise

froggyb, Jan 10, 5:51am

king1, Jan 10, 6:07am

decline all the crappy offers and your AV might complain but it looks to be legit

camac99, Jan 11, 9:50pm
This software seems to want to update all my drivers and charge me $30 to "maybe" get a $10 camera working. All I am looking for is free XP generic driver for basic webcam with noobvious brandname

camac99, Jan 11, 9:52pm
Same comment as above seem to have to register and pay before you even know if they might help

gyrogearloose, Jan 12, 1:37am
Does it look like this picture:!model_id=52885 If so, this is a Frontech JIL-2215 for which you can download the drivers from the manufacturer, since the seller was remiss in not sending you the disk.
Click and then click on the support button, second from the right at the top, then click on JIL-2215 (there are no photo's on the site to help you)

gyrogearloose, Jan 15, 1:02am
If you click on then click on 'E-cams' and then click the 3rd picture from the left, the JIL-2243 looks almost identical to yours except the microphone hole is on the bottom rather than the top. The indents and styling on the base look identical.

But of course the driver page doesn't list the JIL-2243.

There's no risk from installing the wrong driver, there's only 16 drivers listed on the page, just go for it.

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