Portable hdd for nexus 7

_roxxra_, Jan 26, 7:27am
I have a nexus 7 tablet,and it is hooked up to my wall powered hdd via otg cable,but i wanna hook up my tablet to a portable hdd.I have a 320gb portable hdd but it doesnt have enough power to start and just keeps clicking.Anyone know of a low power portable hdd that they KNOW will work with it!

ians2, Jan 26, 8:27am
My Iomega 1TB that I obtained from the Warehouse (Stationary and also Red Shed) works. How long for is a question that I can not yet answer.

I actually have 3 of these, 1 I dissasembled to put the drive in one of my lappies. I have since put that drive in an external USB 2.0 case and I think that is the one I used for that experiment.

ians2, Jan 26, 8:57am
Also works with WD portable and unmodified 1TB drive, however a Sony 500GB portable drive just beeps away.

ians2, Jan 26, 9:16am
Sorry, that should be Imation, not Iomega 1TB drive.

_roxxra_, Jan 26, 9:28am
Have you tried to connect it though!Whats its power usage! Mines a western digital 320gb and it only beeps.

ians2, Jan 26, 9:40am
I use the app called 'Nexus Media Importer'. This gives the file structure of the connected device whether it is a USB flash drive, or a USB HDD. I have played various media files, mostly video files from all of the devices I have connected using the OTG adaptor lead.

Umm. except, I should add, for the 2 HDD's I have found so far that won't work, the Sony drive I have mentioned, there is also a Seagate drive that just sits there and does nothing.

At this stage, I have not checked length of time that the HDD works ie - power useage.

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