WD 2009 320 gig HDD dead.

Have had to remove a WD 2009 320 gig harddrive, cos it is readable in BIOS BUT windows not booting & win7 can't read it either.

Have put a new drive in 500 gig (seagate) and after installing the windows on to the LAPTOP I ran my hard drive sentail (sp) it was running at 53c's and I now wonder IF the old drive was running at the same temps and then craped itself due to the heat.!.

Has anyone ever had a hard drive DIE due to HEAT!

Is it worth drilling a few extra holes!

Need your thoughts,thanks people.

geek_mr_lovebug, Jan 26, 8:47 pm

pretty sure I remember reading in this study that temperature had little influence over longevity

geek_king1, Jan 26, 8:51 pm

Also had a 320GB WD HDD fail fairly quickly.replaced with another Seagate to match the other, older Seagate HDD in my desktop which is still going strong

geek_timmo1, Jan 26, 8:56 pm

Harddisk failures for me have been a pretty rare thing, and I can't say that I would attribute any (if all) to heat, but I do tend to try my best to ensure nothing gets too warm. The only memorable failure I can recall in the last ten years was a 3 month old 160gb Seagate which died violently and rapidly, and most recent as last week I found a 1 gig quantum fireball in the junk box marked as 'alive', but it gave off some interesting death rattles on spinup. Apologies in advance if my rambling has no bearing whatsoever on your enquiry :)

geek_mantagsi, Jan 26, 10:00 pm

Speccy tells me that my secondary WD 1tb drive is on 30° and in brackets beside it,"OK (Less than 50°)" Good. The main ssd drive doesn't appear to monitor Temperature.So yeah.
The only one that ever made rattles was a Seagate I accidentally dropped. I treat everything pc related with respect now, unlike nz post.

geek_hakatere1, Jan 27, 6:12 am