Is there any particular type of sata hard disk for

nas network storage boxes. Thanks

geek_davo27, Jan 24, 5:25 pm

Some SATA drives are more suited for RAID and NAS storage. Fast speed, Good cache, high data transfer rate and above all, reliability in an environment where the Drive could be spinning continuously for a lot of the time. Avoid 'green' drives meant for low usage or backup.
Look at Western Digital Red drives as a good example.

geek_gj, Jan 24, 5:33 pm

Red drives are the new Green - they've improved them just for NAS.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 24, 5:38 pm

great. thanks gj & r.g.nixon

geek_davo27, Jan 24, 5:47 pm

WD Blacks are what we use for our NAS and high end DVRs which write to the drive 24/7.

geek_azza20, Jan 24, 10:41 pm

WD Blacks are good performance drives, but not optimised for multi-bay NAS or RAID arrays. See WD product list
If you want it for streaming media, look at the AV range.

geek_gj, Jan 24, 11:05 pm