Changing odt file to pdf file on XP using

jambee1, Jan 27, 7:58am
open office

why cant I change the document to pdf.will I have to email it to myself and change this at the library!
I use open office on my laptop.

and I am not a computer type of person so this question could be simple to some people.

The reason I want to know this as I am sending a CV by email and need to know the recipicant will be able to open my attachment
I am not sure if they will be able to if its not this correct!

thank you for your patience ( and quiet laughing)

r.g.nixon, Jan 27, 8:14am
With the .odt open, do File > Print > PDF

blenheim-trader, Jan 27, 8:15am
File/ Export as PDF
install then print to PrimoPDF

jambee1, Jan 27, 9:03am
Thank you lovely life saving people!

little_egypt, Jan 27, 9:22am
Click the 'pdf' button, next to the 'print' button in the top toolbar.

Or file > export to pdf.

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