The best HDD Recovery Software ?

Old HDD -- looks like broken FAT tables etc corrupt -- but not physically damaged

Platform - Win 98SE

The best rescue S/ware to look at pulling data off anyone !

Anyone tried using XP to pull data off older sys drives !


geek_tmg, Jan 27, 4:17 pm

iCare seems to be pretty good. I got a complete version via . So, if they have a free version, I'm sure it will limit what you can do.

geek_r.g.nixon, Jan 27, 4:22 pm

Ta for that -- just digging through the older threadies in past year on here for other's too

geek_tmg, Jan 27, 4:46 pm

Getdataback. . IS good.
I use it a lot.
There are free (slightly limited versions) & full featured versions

geek_mrfxit, Jan 27, 5:13 pm

Ta mrfixit-- just ben reading your S/w test threads a while back

also looking at puppylinux boot cd to come in under the OP Sys and grab everything it can see from corrupt drive . have ben some success stories reported online going that way

geek_tmg, Jan 27, 5:27 pm

geek_mm12345, Jan 27, 5:48 pm

Ta MM it's on the list if I need to dig further .

Others I have looked at are Kernell, DriveRescue 9.1d, Minitool & PC inspector

geek_tmg, Jan 27, 6:04 pm

Google Converting Fat32 to NTFS for 3000000 results to sort thru.Easy
to extract with this Millenium FS!Ifyou have the 98 CD use SFCscannow &
repair any damage.

geek_deodar1, Jan 27, 6:34 pm

Active@file recovery

geek_mr-word, Jan 28, 12:06 am

Ta for the suggestions folks . apprec :-)

puppylinux was a bomb-out & did nothing but freeze things & see nothing

onto the next ones on the list, hopefully better results

geek_tmg, Jan 31, 8:29 pm