Help Please - One for All URC 6510 remote

I have lost my auto Merlin garage door opener, although there is one I can borrow to (hopefully) try to sort another door opener for it.
I have got a One for All URC 6510 TV remote, and I'm told that I can possibly "teach" this remote to become the new door opener.
Has anyone experience on this - and instructions on how to do it!
I will keep my fingers crossed in the hope that someone can help.
Thanks kindly.

geek_jaez1, Jan 29, 7:57 pm

Won't work - programmable TV remotes are infrared - garage door remotes are radio frequency.
Sort out which model remote you need.How you program the remote will depend on model - they should ship with instructions.

geek_mm12345, Jan 29, 8:25 pm