Samsung Galaxy Tab 2

Have just bought this, why is it that when I checked my auctions on it it says "closed" when they aren't!Would people checking on auctions through a tablet also see this, I could be missing out on bidders.My desktop is fine and correct.

geek_broomy1, Jan 31, 7:48 am

Are you using the android app or the via the web browser!

geek_pyro_sniper2002, Jan 31, 8:08 am

Web browser

geek_broomy1, Jan 31, 9:56 am


geek_broomy1, Jan 31, 10:07 am

Thanks Greg! We switched to TeamViewer sufcusscelly. Sorry, but comments like Windows 8 is something that is being investigated by our development team above tell me that none of your developers knew that Windows 8 would work differently and nobody tested with the Beta that's been out for months. Not inspiring a lot of confidence that this will be fixed soon

geek_guest, Aug 3, 5:19 pm

I'm doing a presentation regidrang IE 10 next month for a MeetUp group and if join,me doesn't have a Win 8 sharing client soon, I'll not only be using TeamViewer, but introducing a dozen or more people to it solely because I can share my Win 8 screen via TeamViewer, but not

geek_guest, Aug 4, 2:36 am