Which Printer To Buy?

sr2, Jan 30, 8:37pm
My Samsung CLX-2160N had broken down yet again and it??

gj, Jan 30, 8:45pm
What do you mainly use it for - and what are your priorities (price, photo quality, speed, paper volume, duplex, wireless, card printing, ink cost etc.) How many pages per month and what percentage in colour!
There is a tradeoff between initial purchase price / running costs / print quality / reliability, so your answers will help to get the best combination.

sr2, Jan 30, 11:25pm
Thanks for the reply; we probably are printing around 50 pages a month so the cost of consumables is not a big issue. Yes colour is a must but we don??

gj, Jan 31, 4:09am
Canon PIXMA MG2260 at $59 would be the cheapest - it uses black plus one tri-colour cartridge. If you want separate colour inks then Brother DCPJ140W, or HP Deskjet 3520 are both around $100 and are wireless capable.

sanders4, Jan 31, 5:33am
Canon and Epson have lowest running costs of any inkjet, check cartridge cost for any model prior to purchase.Separate cartridges cost less in the long run, ie 4 seperate cartridges for 4 colours.

wron, Jan 31, 9:33am
Canon have a new cash back offer, just started - they seem to have a couple a year. Consumer Mag tested the current crop of machines last year though at least one Canon model has been discontinued but replaced with a similar spec'd machine - go to any library and have a look or available to download for a small cost. In the tests they give individual marks out of 10 for a range of features, including scanning which is really important for me. The Canon I chose has 6 ink carts.

sr2, Jan 31, 7:17pm
Thanks to all for the advice.

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