What cord do I need to connect Mac book to TV?

kelf1, Jan 31, 3:41am
Is there a cord to connect Macbook to HDMI TV!

thegilly, Jan 31, 3:47am
Should be. What outputs does your MacBook have!

kelf1, Jan 31, 3:50am
Sorry I don't know what outputs. I am asking for a friend with no tech knowledge and she says its a MacBook bought new 3 years ago but she can't describe the outputs to me!
Not much help I know!

thegilly, Jan 31, 4:15am
Not an expert, but had a quick look at MacTracker.If it's a 2010 MacBook, it would seem to have a Mini DisplayPort, which means she'd need a MDP to HDMI adapter.There are oodles of cheap ones on TM.Apple's version is $65.Check whether she needs sound as I'm not sure that all versions carry sound as well as picture.

doggitt, Jan 31, 4:18am
If the TV has a VGA you could possibly connect that way but it won't be HD

-mung-, Jan 31, 4:29am
Mini DisplayPort has been on the MBPs since 2008 and up until the latest Retina so what thegilly says is correct.

Don't confuse it with MiniDVI.

oscarnz, Jan 31, 4:39am
Apple TV will do it without the need for other cables

vtecintegra, Jan 31, 4:56am
Macbooks don't have a VGA port.

Also there is no problem sending a Full HD signal across a VGA (although not all TVs are able to do 1080p through their VGA ports)

doggitt, Jan 31, 5:49am
Well monitor out, Iforget what it's called but I connect projectors to my macbook via a VGA splitter from the second monitor port when I do VJ work.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 31, 5:58am
Using a VGA to mini display port adapter I'm guessing!

doggitt, Jan 31, 6:04am
Ok, it's so long since I set this up I had to google to find out what the connection is lol.

DVI to VGA adapter. VGA adapter to 8 way splitter/amplifier. Then on to various projectors and monitors.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 31, 6:09am
That's an old macbook/pro then, they haven't had DVI in quite a while.

doggitt, Jan 31, 6:12am
Bought it second hand a few years ago. It's all very budget but works well.

pyro_sniper2002, Jan 31, 6:13am
Fair enough, more pointing out it doesn't help the OP.

doggitt, Jan 31, 6:42am
True, I thought it might but I'm a little behind the times??

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