Cant print screen anymore.

purplegoanna, Jan 30, 2:58am
Tried the Print Scrn key, Alt-Print Scrn, Ctrl-Alt-Print Scrn, 3mths ago it was working fine and now nothing. IE8 with automatic upgrades.

r.g.nixon, Jan 30, 5:00am
What operating system! And do you have Microsoft Office (I recall that can stuff up the clipboard)!

king1, Jan 30, 6:39am
virtualbox can mess with the clipboard from experience,,,

keithmoon1, Jan 30, 11:40am
download greenshot and use that for all your screenshots, sooo much better that anything else and free.

gj, Jan 30, 11:51am
+ YES +

r.g.nixon, Jan 30, 7:11pm
Or SnapCrab.

jahemian, Jan 30, 8:35pm
How can 3rd party programs be better and easier then pressing prntscrn!

gj, Jan 30, 8:56pm
You obviously haven't used one - Even the Windows 7 Snipping tool is better than just print screen, but Greenshot is the best free app I've used next to Snagit (which is not free). It lets you select the screen capture area (to pixel accuracy), includes the cursor in the snapshot which you can re-position or remove, options to add drop shadow, highlighting and annotations etc. and all the annotations including the cursor are layered so you can bring to front, and more. I use it often when producing professional quality user manuals. It replaces the print screen key, so its only just one click, without having to use Ctrl+PrtScn or Shift+PrtScn.

karlacaldwell, Jan 30, 9:42pm
I had this problem also, now I have to use FN key with the PRTSC keys, the ALT key no longer seems to do it!

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