Computer phone scammers still doing their rounds?

tongie, Feb 4, 1:16am
Thought would ask in the computing section as well as general but have a missed call from a number beginning with 0013 etc. and did a google search and that is the area code for Bolivia.havent heard from these guys for 5 months, thought they had given up on us!

suzie-sand, Feb 4, 2:13am
When they ring me I say it's my husband's computer, could you ring back at 7pm, thats when he is off duty, he works for the NZ Police.They never ring back.

little_egypt, Feb 4, 5:27am
Pretty close to what I did. Told them I couldn't get on the net because they'd called on the line the modem uses, and could they call me on the other line. Gave them the number to Hamilton Central Police Station.

richard112, Feb 4, 5:34am
Just answering the op. They have certainly slowed down here. Haven't been offered a computer fix for long time. ummm 3 months!. Still get the odd one wanting to build me a web site, but they are also down to maybe fortnightly.
Would totally trust anyone from Bolivia. Wasn't that where the Wombles came from!

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 5:49am
They can be persistent and is ALWAYS around. The new one doing the rounds are pretending to be from "Microsoft", don't be fooled by this! Best way to get them off the phone is to say your company's IT departed looks after your PC.that way they can't talk a hole in your head. What they do is they connect remotely to your PC, download and install software that they will call back to charge you for. As you now have the software, there is no way to get out of paying them. BE AWARE! (PS, I work for a well known IT company in NZ on the call desk and deal with these calls on a daily basis!)

little_egypt, Feb 4, 6:03am
They're not that smart from what I know. They use free and well known remote access tools like logmein or ammy admin, and spout a lot of nonsense that sounds like a believable problem to the average clueless computer user.

If you're silly enough to fall for the scam but didn't wait too long afterwards I'm pretty sure you could just reverse the credit card payment, take your computer to a reputable shop to have the remote access stuff removed, and nothing else would ever come of it. They're not going to sue you for 'stealing' the software they installed under false pretenses. It isn't even theirs to sell.

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:13am
You know how many people install and pay for "driver" and tune up" software that does bugger all anyhow! .many.

If you were a frail old man or woman and got phoned up and harassed over the phone to pay up for software that was installed on your machine to "fix" these errors they claim to be fixing, you'd be paying up. I deal with it every day and just can't express my disgust with what people can get away with. Even tho your right in the fact that they can't "sue" you for software that doesn't belong to them, they still manage to get away with it 3/10 times.and guess how many calls these guys make a day.

little_egypt, Feb 4, 6:40am
True. We need to get the message out that these scammers are full of crap and nobody should ever take their threats seriously.

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:49am
I agree with you, the problem is they are in fact smarter than what we think. You have to admit, as scummy as they are, they prey on peoples weakness for lack of technology. With the market growing at a phenomenal rate, this "scam" will be old by the end of the year and something new will do the rounds.

I have a hard time keeping up with tech as it is.and I work with it EVERY DAY :)

little_egypt, Feb 4, 6:55am
They're not smart. It's the oldest trick in the book, find something people don't really understand and talk bullshit about it (even if all you really know is some confusing buzzwords). I know another guy who does this, convinces people he's on the verge of delivering 'zero point' free energy, and gets people to invest in his company. There's more than one way to spin this scam.

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