Viewing movies from internet on TV via laptop

zeala, Feb 4, 6:26am
So what is required in the way of cables etc,Tv has HDMI input,HP Elitebook laptop has VGA but no HDMI.I want to have them about 12feet apart.All advice welcome

vtecintegra, Feb 4, 6:29am
Do you have a displayport on the laptop!

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:32am
Hi, if it's a relatively new TV, you can get a wireless dongle for TV, hook that up to your wireless router and stream it. (best option)

If HDMI is out of the window, it will get a little more elaborate with the VGA cable, as that doesn't transmit sound as with HDMI. So your sound will either come from the laptop, or, you will have to use a amplifier and have both TV and laptop hooked up to that. Using a VGA-HDMI converter won't work either so don't even try, as stated, VGA is JUST video, no sound, HDMI is video and sound. Hope this helps.

zeala, Feb 4, 6:32am
I do not know, what do I look for please

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:32am
If the laptod doesn't have HDMI I doubt it will have DP. I may be wrong tho.

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:35am
Displayport is almost like HDMI (the connection is a bit smaller), just look up your laptop specs on Google, you'll be able to see on the "connections" page if it's got it, but as I just said above, if it doesn't have HDMI I doubt it will have DP.

vtecintegra, Feb 4, 6:37am
No most corporate machines (like the Elitebook) have DP or mini-DP instead of HDMI

Looks like this: (mini looks different but has a similar logo)

wellystretch, Feb 4, 6:37am
Well, HDMI is best option. For audio with VGA just use the headphone out jack connected to the TV RCA jacks with a compatible cable.

zeala, Feb 4, 6:38am
this is getting more technical than I thought,there is a port for earphones,I understood a plug in lead as well as connecting via VGA was the way.I am totally green as far as all this goes so is it possible to explain with getting me too lost

jjfourie1, Feb 4, 6:41am
You have 2 options:

1. Ask someone who's already set something up like this in your area.
2. Phone a technical solutions company to come and set it up for you (will cost some money but you'll be spared the hassle)

zeala, Feb 4, 6:44am
vetecintegra,looked at pic,VGA is the port with 2 screw holes isnt it ! and the port with P above is that the mini DP!. Both of those are on my computer,so more info please folks

little_egypt, Feb 4, 6:49am
You need a display port to HDMI cable. A quick look says you can get one on trademe for $25 or less easily. Or even $15

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