New printer wont install.

moore., Feb 3, 4:29am
have just bought a cheapie from warehouse Epson.tried to install it but wont go, do I have to uninstall the old Epsom!

mgc54, Feb 3, 4:37am
Uninstall all old epson software, and the new install
restart your pc
Make sure the USB cable between the new printer and PC is removed.
Install the CD of software supplied ONLY CONNECT the printer when prompted too otherwise windows will mess up trying to install its own drivers.
Best of luck

newbie5, Feb 3, 4:38am
uninstall the old one then install the new one.but you dont need to as you just make the new one the default
did you get a disc or are you just asking the computer to find it

moore., Feb 3, 6:06am
no we got a disc with the new one, also the old one had a disc as well.

thank you for your help.

moore., Feb 3, 7:25am
do I just go to add and remove programmes! and remove all the Epsom stuff!

mgc54, Feb 3, 7:29am
Yes. remove any old Epson programs and any new installs. START A FRESH. Install the suppiled CD and ONLY Connect the printer via USB when prompted too.

newbie5, Feb 3, 7:44am
as above
Just do what you are prompted to do from the install disc and you shouldnt have any problems

As they always say.
" If all else fails read the instructions"

moore., Feb 3, 9:06am
:-),I wish I had a computer geek in my home, Im too scared to click the enter or submit button in case I crash my comp! . thank you all.- Do I have to be conn3cted to internet>! the pc that the printer is being disconnected and new one installed to is now not connected as we are just using it for typing assignments etc.

newbie5, Feb 3, 9:21am
Do you know how to read instructions or follow prompts.

lythande1, Feb 3, 6:15pm
Do not have printer connected to PC at this point. Insert disc. Follow steps, at one point it will tell you to plug the printer into the PC.

newbie5, Feb 3, 11:23pm
This has to be a wind up Nobody is that dumb

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