Printer for student? your choice?

courtney2004, Feb 3, 8:02am
Wanting to get a printer for my brothers birthday gift to him. He is first year in the student world at CPIT. He operates a Win 7 I think. Notice one at Warehouse but not sure how good it is. Of course there is a budget but I can stretch a little. want to know where and what is a good one. Colour is not a major but would be a bonus.

r.g.nixon, Feb 3, 8:06am
A B&W Brother laser, plus a packet of crayons.

courtney2004, Feb 3, 8:19am
Love it! sadly he is going into the IT world so i think he will be pretty quick to pick on me about the crayons. What about an HP printer any worth the money!

r.g.nixon, Feb 3, 8:27am
Whatever a CPIT is, he may get a limited free allowance of page prints per semester. Ask someone who knows if that is enough.

r.g.nixon, Feb 3, 8:31am
Personally I don't like the HP drivers - slow page setup and difficult to uninstall or update. But maybe that was just some models.

Oh, another thought. You could upgrade the crayons to a nice set of felt pens!

nzmu, Feb 3, 5:24pm
I have found HP printers the best for document printing, crisp and clear print. The officejet ones have a way more economical ink than the photosmart. I have never had any driver problems with Vista. Best bang for buck at the moment is the Brother MFCJ430W. It comes with a full set of inks andreplacements are good value.

d.snell, Feb 4, 11:44pm
I'm sure he would prefer a Laser to an Inkjet anyday.
The Brother HL-2270DW gives you everything except Colour for around $160. (double sided, wireless and wired networking) Toners and Drum units are cheap and easily refilled if you want to go that way.
If you want colour, then the Brother HL-3040CN is a robust machine at about $260, But remember Colour anything, costs about 5 - 6 times the price of B/W to do any printing, even B/W.

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