Saving word documents with open office

kazbaby, Feb 6, 9:03am
I use open office and save my CV and cover letter as 1997-2003 word document. When others have opened the documents on other versions I believe newer versions of word it has changed some editing - even removed some gaps between words to make it seem like I didnt correctly add a space. Other things is its moved bullet points so they dont align anymore. It's just a few things it changes but makes my CV look improperly checked and makes me look bad in their eyes. How can I get around this!

kazbaby, Feb 6, 9:03am
Would saving the documents as PDF be a better idea! Then ofcourse they might not have adobe to open a PDF but I assume nearly all should.

fish_man2, Feb 6, 9:13am
can you save open office as pdf!

fish_man2, Feb 6, 9:19am
yep just checked export as pdf

king1, Feb 6, 9:19am
Ultimately openoffice and all the rest are only going to be a best effort at reproducing word documents - if you need exact (and you do) it needs to be done in word.
So either find a computer that has word and do your final edit with that.
or as fish man suggests save to pdf - perhaps a pdf printer will suit eg

r.g.nixon, Feb 6, 9:44am
Some hints on settings to improve compatibility:

But, yeah, use PDFs when possible.

little_egypt, Feb 6, 9:53am
Use pdfs. It's built in, there's even a one-click export to pdf button right next to the one click print-directly button in the top toolbar. Couldn't be easier, and there's certainly no need to install third party 'print to pdf' hacks.

kazbaby, Feb 6, 6:30pm
But what if they can't view PDF's! I mean I can't even view them on my computer surely some employers cant aswell.

r.g.nixon, Feb 6, 7:10pm
Everyone can view PDFs. If not they are living in the previous century.

little_egypt, Feb 6, 8:27pm
I can't believe you can't view PDFS! How does that even happen!

Download acrobat reader. It's free and it's the 'standard' program for viewing pdfs. Also if you install any software or drivers at all off a CD there's about a 90% chance that you'll also get acrobat reader installed for you, because the CD will have some sort of manual or readme file that's a pdf.

lythande1, Feb 7, 4:18am
Use Libre Office, compatible withdocx and more up to date, and yes, save as a PDF is good.

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