can you access your own outlook express

Can you access your own outlook express on someone elses computer?

geek_bubble-bobble, Jul 4, 2:01 pm

In A NutShell No: However - you can CONFIG their OUTLOOK to GET mail from your Internet Provider. (But thats pointless - unless you are going to spend more and more time at your firends place) Best to use the WEB mail base service of your Internet Provider. :D

geek_1clickaway, Jul 4, 2:07 pm

I do I just log on as myself and get all my emails and can also send, especially when I am away on holiday.

geek_ceejay13, Jul 4, 2:14 pm

FFS How do you think that internet cafes etc work ??????/

geek_ringo2, Jul 4, 5:28 pm

In a Nutshell lol.You find nuts. But you have to crack it to get the sweet morsels.

geek_deodar, Jul 4, 5:38 pm

, She's not talking about getting web based email ( hotmail, gmail etc ), she's wanting to open Outlook Expess on someone elses PC and get her own CLIENT based email from her ISP. And as says, yes you can by adding your mail account to the friends Outlook Express, under "tools" -"accounts". , You need to use your ISP account name ( not your actual email addy ) and password.

geek_ross1970, Jul 4, 9:05 pm