SSH Remote Conn Mint13KDE to Vbox Windows XP #keys

badcam, Feb 6, 1:36am
Any idea how to get the Numeric Keypad to be properly recognised! I'm connecting to another PC using SSH, and KRDC (it's the same with RDP) into a Virtualbox Headless Windows XP Guest, which itself is run on Mint13KDE as the Host.

I've tried several keyboards but on all of them the Numeric keypad only partially works. It's not as if it's acting like the Num-lock is off, it's just sporadically recognising and not recognising key-presses. The number row above the main keyboard works perfectly. and it is recognising all the other keys.

Just to clarify. I am directly SSHing into the Mint Host and then connecting to the guest via port 63389 as follows:

ssh -C -L 63389: -p62426

jcmp21, Feb 6, 6:23am
Is the keyboard set to the right type on the host maybe!

badcam, Feb 6, 7:27pm
Seems to be. Every key works as expected except for the Numeric keypad. I see "man rdp" gives some details about specifically mapping the keyboard, so I'll try that either using krdc or rdp. It does state that the default is US, which it what both Hosts and the Guest use. I'll try the switch anyway.

otako, Feb 6, 10:14pm
you're using ssh -C which is compression of the stdin/stdout, X11 and tcp protocols over shh try dropping that option might fix it. Also your rdp is 63389 the default is 3389.In previous versions of virtualbox numeric pad emulation did not function for Mac OS X guests, not sure about XP you may need to install the guest extensions pack. Info in the Virtualbox manual pdf re RDP section 7.1.

Tightvnc works fast on my 802.11 lan to virtualbox 4.1.4 but I'm not sure if the numeric keypad works atm.

otako, Feb 7, 2:03am
Section 7.1.1 Third Party rdp viewers.
rdesktop -a 16 -N
-N switch for guest applications that look for the numlock state but it may cause problems with the Xvnc server on the host.

Got the same numpad error tightvnc to XP guest but numpad is ok debian, suse guests.

badcam, Feb 7, 3:12am
-N was the answer. I never spotted that in the man pages.

Thanks for that. Cheers Y'all.

badcam, Feb 7, 3:38am

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