TelstraClear broadband useage. I can't keep up!

harry353, Feb 5, 6:54am
Just asking if anyone else has experienced issues with ever increasing broadband usage. We started with 5 gigs and that was easily enough then we got close to 10 gigs so increased the plan and then those 10 gigs vanished really quickly and we were forced to increase to a 20 gig plan. Guess what. Despite not changing the way we do things we are now using over 20 gigs. My neighbour who is also with TelstraClear has the same problem and he has gone from 10 gigs to now using 60 gigs. We don't download movies or anything like that. UTube is kept to a minimum. We don't appear to have a Trogan virus etc (but could have). Any ideas would be appreciated.

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 7:22am
Do you have wifi! If so, it it secured using WPA2! How many devices are connected - computers, xbox, smart phone etc!

harry353, Feb 5, 7:49am
Yes have wifi and is password protected. Three computers but only used for internet surfing with little if any downloading. When we are away the useage stops.

_drdee_, Feb 5, 8:10am
Your habits may not have changed much but the content on the internet has, dramatically. As internet connections get faster and are more affordable and widespread people designing content are not as restricted in size anymore and can use HD content without worrying too much. You would be surprised how fast it adds up. even things like internet browsers that 'intelligently' start caching links on a webpage you are viewing in case you click on the link so it will instantly appear, already loaded into cache rather than waiting for it.
The price of progress and convenience is more data, and its all good.

harry353, Feb 5, 8:27am
Thanks. Isp's are the winners in this.

tillsbury, Feb 5, 8:47am
Make sure you have adblock set up on your computer.I found out my wife didn't have it on hers and it was costing in the region of 5Gb/month over and above what we usually use, just on one computer.

cookee_nz, Feb 5, 9:27am
I'm not sure about Telstra but the Telecom Broadband monitor allows you to check daily useage. If you can do this with Telstra, what I suggest is for say 2-3 days, use just one PC and check the useage each morning for the previous day, then disconnect that one and do same with second PC and so on (divide and conquor). Only one PC each on the internet at all for 2-3 days, or at least 1-2 days.A week of inconvenience but it should tell you a lot and give you an idea which (if any) is using a lot more data than the others.Run a FULL scan with Malware Bytes (, on all three systems, even if you have solid up to date antivirus, in fact especially if you have antivirus because they can lull you into a false sense of security. And perhaps suggest you also change your Wifi password as a precaution. Hope this helps

harry353, Feb 5, 9:52am
Thanks Cookee

harry353, Feb 5, 9:54am
Is that on Internet Explorer!

blenheim-trader, Feb 5, 10:02am
No Adblock plus is for Firefox & Chrome.

ricko10, Feb 5, 11:31am
Hi there harry353, I recently has the exact same problem as you, looked at all options like un-secure wifi - viruses etc.And at the end of the day - its Youtube - or at least it was for me.We only did a small amount of Youtube browsing- but it VERY quickly added up - and thats also on very low quality videos.So I stopped using Youtube, and it immediately fixed the problem.So my advice is to stop ALL Youtube video watching, even for a few days and then go back to check how much GB/MB is left for the month.I hope I helped you with your problem, Kind Regards, ricko10

harry353, Feb 5, 10:15pm
Worth a try. Thanks ricko

black-heart, Feb 5, 10:27pm
Too many porn clips

harry353, Feb 6, 12:16am
How can you possibly have too many.

wellystretch, Feb 6, 4:20am
When you start having eyesight problems

craoker, Feb 6, 5:03am
Have had same issue. Upgrade then need to again do not use it can not go back has happened three times and since they doubled it use hardly any !

angelzw, Feb 6, 8:10am
Changed over from World Exchange to Telecom (WTF was I thinking). Now we chew threw 30Gig in 2 weeks. I never ever went over 30Gig in a month with World Exchange. Nothing has changed in our house yet our BB usage is through the roof! Can't wait to escape the clutches of Telecom and return to my beloved World Exchange. Oh how I miss you! Can't wait. Only 3 months to go. Can't offer any advice other than what has been suggested but I have no idea why our usage is so high. Have done all the above with no change. Nothing in our household has changed and we have a secure WIFI. Only I have the password!

andrew.t, Feb 7, 1:18am
See if you can find some download monitor software to put on the computer so you can see it rack up as you use the data.

_drdee_, Feb 7, 4:57am
I wouldn't complain about internet usage, just remember the days of dial-up and how long it took for things to load and all the disconnections and frustration then be in awe of how quick you internet is now and appreciate that adsl isn't that expensive for how much entertainment/information is there almost instantly at your fingertips.

lynv, Feb 7, 8:01am
I have had the same problem for the past few months with Telecom and it turned out to be my daughters Ipod.She was using it alot at night chatting etc.Once she stopped using that with the wifi connection our broadband useage dropped right back. So check if there are other wireless items your kids might be using with/without your knowledge.

_drdee_, Feb 7, 11:57pm
Having broadband and not using as many GB's as you can is like buying a gym membership and only going once a month, then wondering why you are not making any progress.

rcomms, Feb 11, 6:03am
Do you use a cloud server to back up your files/photos etc! We have users on our Rural Broadband network whos data has greatly increased over the last few months and they were stumped as to why as their day to day "internet sufring" habits had not changed. What they failed to realise is that everytime they were uploading photos/videos from their camera the computer was then "uploading" them to their cloud server hence using data. One client was copying all of his old LPs onto his computer and the computer was then uploading them to his cloud server, LOTS of data!

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