Printer cable

d.snell, Feb 5, 10:37pm
It's not just a cable, It'll be an full adaptor. What model Printer is it!

gj, Feb 5, 10:38pm
It would be a lot easier if you gave us the (exact) model number of printer. And please clarify - is your photo the socket on the printer! And do you have the power adapter but no cable, or no power adapter at all!

r.g.nixon, Feb 5, 10:40pm
It might help if we knew the make/model of printer.

bopeep80, Feb 5, 10:43pm
Sorry, its an HP Photosmart 7450, the pic is of the socket on my printer and I do have the power adapter. Thanks for your interest and hopefully help :)

gj, Feb 5, 10:50pm
OK so if you have the power adapter - which bit are you missing! ie goes from xxx to yyy

bopeep80, Feb 5, 10:53pm
The bit that goes from the power adapter into the printer, and fits in the slot in the pic in post#1

bopeep80, Feb 5, 10:55pm
Sorry, I re-read my first post and I see the confusion, I should have put
"but cant find the part of the power cable that is attached to the PRINTER"

gj, Feb 5, 11:02pm
Usually the cable that plugs into the printer is moulded into the power supply like this one the cable that goes from the wall plug to the power supply is a standard 'jug cord'. Maybe yours is a universal type which are sometimes shipped with several plug-in adapters for different countries. You'll have a hard job finding just the adapter cable, and may have to buy a replacement power supply as a set.

d.snell, Feb 5, 11:02pm
The other end of that cable that plugs into the printer, is hardwired to the adapter, isn't it!
You will need to find the Black Box Power Adapter for that printer. Will be similar to a laptop adapter, but a lot bigger and have that plug on the end that goes to the printer and another cable with a mains plug on it.

gj, Feb 5, 11:11pm
According to the manual for this printer it shipped with 2 versions of power adapter - and both have the printer end of the cable moulded into the adapter so its not removable. Are you sure you have the right adapter!
The original part number for the bit you need is HP Part # 0950??

bopeep80, Feb 5, 11:13pm
Cool, thanks for your help, now I know what Im looking for. I will have another look around the house/work to see if I can find it, otherwise I will look at buying one. Cheers!

gj, Feb 5, 11:15pm
HP spare parts available from here (but shop around for better prices)

d.snell, Feb 5, 11:21pm
You wouldn't even bother. You can buy a brand new HP all in one Deskjet from The Warehouse for $39 at the moment or a slighty better model from Dick Smith for $49.

bopeep80, Feb 5, 11:25pm
I was reluctant to buy another printer d.snell, due to having another 3 laying around here not being used. I hate waste lol

d.snell, Feb 5, 11:34pm
yep, but old inkjet printers get blocked nozzles and cartridges dry out if left off for too long, so you end up having to replace all those bits and next thing, it's cost you about $50 and you still have a worn out of date printer. Sometimes you need to close your eyes and drop kick them into the nearest dustbin. :-)

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