Laptop stopping at acer logo

hi :) . i have a acer aspire 1640 . running xp pro, 1 gig ram, 60 gig hd . Turn it on and it gets to the acer logo and that's it lol, but sometimes it will proceed to load windows fine and works well until i turn off and then go to use it again ! would anyone have any ideas !

geek_nite_possum, Feb 7, 12:57 pm

HDD could be dying. Do you have backups of important data!

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 1:19 pm

thanks :) yup have everything backed up :) . have just tryed taping the del key when it boots and yippee straight to windows :) will buy another hard drive :) thanks :)

geek_nite_possum, Feb 7, 1:25 pm

Make an image backup to an external drive and then copy the image to the new one. It will be exactly the same.

geek_hakatere1, Feb 7, 2:04 pm

Try safe mode start, if that starts, turn off some of the start up software to find out whats causing it. Run menu, type msconfig.
Otherwise put in your installer CD, boot off it and do a repair.

geek_andrew.t, Feb 8, 9:14 am

Thanks people :) . Well i tried another hard drive and still the same so i am assuming it will be the mother board ! will use it for a door stop LOL

geek_nite_possum, Feb 9, 2:31 pm

Maybe worth a shot!Take out the battery (assuming it has a battery), and see if it boots into Windows!

Does your keyboard and/or touchpad function ok!

geek_pc_uncorrect, Feb 9, 2:49 pm

Hi :) . Yup i tried that still boots up to the acer logo and that's as far as it goes.Only in a blue moon will it boot into windows, and when it does goes absolutely fine :)

geek_nite_possum, Feb 9, 2:57 pm

FWIW reset bios, maybe try a live linux cd

geek_king1, Feb 9, 3:27 pm