TV on demand

frances1266, Feb 7, 5:56am
Cant get tv on demand on my laptop.Just a blank, dark screen.
Anyone know how to rectify this please.

frances1266, Feb 7, 7:09pm
Cant get utube to work either.

otako, Feb 7, 7:30pm
Check the other thread re laptop blank sceen, you may have to remove the battery.Also you can avoid overheating the laptop by clearing the vents underneath and sitting it on a plastic tray instead of your legs, bed. most $2 shops have excellent trays in several sizes.

also please post laptop brand and exactly what is on screen ie does it log on and have the start menu etc might pay to check your F Key for laptop/monitor switching.

r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 7:34pm
Uninstall/reinstall Adobe Flash.

frances1266, Feb 7, 11:25pm
Tks, will try suggestions.Yes I do keep my laptop on a plastic tray.
Worked wonders when my laptop wouldnt play dvds,.It is a Toshiba laptop.It works fine except any videos are blank, same with utube.

frances1266, Feb 11, 3:07am
Tried uninstalling and reinstalling Adobe, updated Adobe and Java but still cant play on Firefox but can play on Explorer but I prefer to use Firefox.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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