Acer laptop, Windows 7 issue.

monsieurl, Feb 8, 11:12am
Hey guys, i have had a problem with my wife's Win 7 laptop and hoping one of you guys can help me, a few weeks ago it just wouldn't start up and kept getting to the windows icon then looping restarting, i tried to repair but it wouldn't work, it won't load in safe or any other mode. I then ran Kapersky repair and all seemed to be fine so i backed up the stuff i wanted to keep to an external HD and then used my retail disk to try and reinstall windows which i had no luck as, as soon as it gets past the language/country section it just stays at that point and goes no further. Could i format the harddrive in an enclosure on another computer then install Windows again or does it seem the HD is gone and a new one is needed. Thanks in advance for any help guys ;)

r.g.nixon, Feb 8, 7:31pm
Try a HDD diagnostic program.

hakatere1, Feb 8, 7:47pm
Try it. You really have nothing to lose. It's a wonder you didn't get a message from S.M.A.R.T. if it's the hdd and if it's not disabled. If you need a new hdd, I urge you to replace it with an ssd. They are huge step up in terms of speed. Faster than any ram upgrade and getting cheaper every day.

monsieurl, Feb 9, 11:09pm
Thanks for your sugestions guys I will give it a try tonight!

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