Reverting Galaxy S2 back to stock firmware?

arcane3, Feb 8, 6:29am
Hi all,

A few weeks ago now I used KIES to update to ICS (4.0.3), long story short I cannot stand it and want to go back to the stock firmware that was on there when I bought the phone. I've never rooted it, nor tried too. What is the easiest way to take off the ICS update! I was hoping since it was done officially, I could revert officially.

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: It's an "unlocked" S2; not locked to any particular network, though currently running on 2Degrees.

_drdee_, Feb 8, 6:57am
Find your device on the XDA forums, all the info you need will be there.

suicidemonkey, Feb 8, 8:09am
Why do you want to get rid of ICS! It's far far better than the older versions.

johnhb, Feb 8, 8:39am
I'm not sure what all this means! I too have a Samsung Galaxy S2 and am having interminable trouble getting video off it using Kies. Kies seems slow and ponderous and unwieldy but nothing else seems to work with the thing! Are you saying you want to revert from ICS (4.0.3) to Kies! What is ICS (4.0.3) anyway! (sorry- I'm a novice and just want to access my video/ photos off the phone easily).

suicidemonkey, Feb 8, 8:43am
I wouldn't use Kies for anything, it's terrible.

You can get all of your files off your phone by plugging it into your PC and opening the folder in My Computer

Videos will be located in the DCIM folder

arcane3, Feb 8, 9:22am
ICS 4.0.3 is Ice Cream Sandwich one of the later versions of the Android firmware, I want to revert back to Gingerbread 2.3.6 (what my phone came with) mainly because ICS is too much of a battery drainer; phone only lasts one day on standby. It's shocking.

_drdee_, Feb 8, 9:54am
On XDA there are very easy instructions to upgrade to Jelly Bean, battery life is very good.

little_egypt, Feb 8, 4:27pm
Probably too late now, but I always make a backup before flashing a new rom, just in case the new rom has major problems and I want to go back. There's several apps available for this, I use clockworkmod recovery.

Also I'm surprised you don't like ICS either. I flashed it a while back on my Ideox X5 and it's been a HUGE improvement. Battery life is much better, camera problems are gone, lots of new features.

carlie, Feb 8, 7:38pm
Just drag off phone and onto computer as mentioned above or use Dropbox. Dropbox wil upload all your new photos and videos when you request it to or when you get into wifi, depends how you set it up. I have Dropbox on all my devices plus my computer so I can access any of my photos on any of my Devices.

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