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kiwijo, Feb 8, 5:39pm
I used to have a website, but changed internet providers so it got pulled down.My current provider doesn't do web hosting and "farms" it out to another organisation to do.It's all proven way to difficult to get up and running again because I have no idea what they are all talking about - its like a foreign language :-(
Please can someone tell me in simple language what is required to get my webpage up and running again.It consists of around 15 pages of text, photographs, email links and other webpage links.I have a .co.nz domain name.
I know I need to get the domain name transferred to a new provider, but I have no idea who to use or what I need from them.I'm looking at crazydomains.co.nz as the provider.
Help please :-D

lythande1, Feb 8, 7:01pm
Domains4less.co.nz (hosting side)

-bookzone-, Feb 8, 7:06pm
Firstly, you need to have a copy of your website, if you don't there's nothing you can do, unless it's online somewhere else.

Then you need to find a new webhost, any will do, but a NZ-based one is usually the best, in my opinion. www.myhost.co.nz is a reliable choice, although not the cheapest.

If you have a copy of your website, you need to know how to upload it, either by FTP, or by using your webhost account 'File Manager'. If it's already online, then your webhost should be able to copy over the files of your website for you.

Your new webhost can also manage your domain name, but you need its UDAI (unique code) before this can happen. You can also have the domain name managed by any other domain name registrar you choose, while hosting your site somewhere else.

Basically, you need to talk to a webhost and tell them what you want to do, and they should be able to sort most, if not all of it, out for you.

momona, Feb 8, 10:02pm
Try, www.webs.comI've been using them for a few years.

newbie5, Feb 8, 11:56pm
Why does everyone always recommend NZ Hosting at 1 million dollars a year .
All my sites are host offshore and my hosting costs me $12 a year because I have a special deal otherwise it would have been $9 month

mattnzw, Feb 9, 8:30am
Contact some hosts. This is what you pay them for, If they can't explain things, try another. Sounds like you need a lot of handholding, so you may need to pay more to get the level of support you need. The cheap ones can have pretty poor/basc support, and many are now supported from offshore, even though on the surface they may look to be NZ based. Make sure if you are using a NZ one, that they are actually a NZ owned and based company.

soundsgood, Feb 9, 8:11pm
Which service provider are you recommending!

newbie5, Feb 9, 11:25pm
I use Hostgator and the one that costs me $12 is hostthename and have been for years with no downtimes or contact problems.
Domain registrar is Godday or Namecheap which are heaps cheaper than any registrar in NZ or Aus.,and i have mostly .com as that is recognised as international websites
I had a letter last week from some outfit in Aus asking if i wanted to reregister my domains with them as some are ready to expire ,( Normally cost around $10 year with Namecheap) they said they could do a good deal of $45 year Guess what I did with the letter!

mattnzw, Feb 10, 1:42am
You do realize that letter was most likely a scam one don't you. Those sort of scams have been going on for years, and you can lose your domain from those.

One thing with the cheap registrars, is that they can have additional costs, and very high costs elsewhere. Some also don't include things like DNS or forwarding.For example some may offer cheap domains, but can charge over $150 if you want to change the ownership of the domain. While some registrars who may charge $40 per year of the registrar, may not charge anything for changing the domain ownership. Or some may charge a huge fee to get a canceled domain renewed and uncanceled. So sometime a cheap registrar can be false economy.

One problem I have found with overseas hosting, is that sometimes they can perform server maintenance and backups inside peak NZ hours.Where if you have NZ based hosting, they will perform maintenance in offpeak times in NZ.

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