Graphics Card Upgrade

poloboynz1, Feb 7, 9:15am
Hi all, I have just purchased a HP laptop and was wanting to know how easy it was to upgrade the graphics card and ram up to 8GB. Is it easy to do or is it better to give to someone else to do! It runs a Intel Graphics HD 4000. Any help would be great

king1, Feb 7, 9:27am
RAM: look up the specs to see maximum RAM or I believe that crucial have a program to detect amount of memory
Graphics : Pretty much you can't.

soodanim, Feb 7, 9:30am
Most laptops are onboard graphic.not a "card" so can't be upgraded.
RAM is easy as check what the current type is and buy more, If you are running Windows XP, it will only show up as 4GB, Windows 7 or 8, up it will most likely take 8GB easy, have a look at the manual for the instructions on how to get in.Bare in mind .you will VOID YOUR WARRANTY by opening it up though.

poloboynz1, Feb 7, 9:34am
Ok, Thanks guy's

king1, Feb 7, 9:37am
99% of XP installs is 32bit hence approx 3.25 GB limit.
Increasing memory DOES NOT void warranty unless you do something stupid and screw it up while your doing the upgrade.

poloboynz1, Feb 7, 9:57am
I am running Windows 8 64 bit!

r.g.nixon, Feb 7, 10:06am
Why is that a question!

soodanim, Feb 7, 10:06am
Which is quite doable if you don't know what you are doing.

_drdee_, Feb 7, 11:29pm
RAM and even HDD replacements/upgrades are allowed in warranty, hence the easy to access panels to get at those parts.
Graphics and CPU are not upgradable and I always recommend people buy the best CPU and graphics they can afford as this will dictate the user experience, I really feel sorry for people who insist on buying the cheapest laptop on the market, really sorry.

vtecintegra, Feb 8, 4:43am
On some systems only. A lot of modern laptops are completely sealed

_drdee_, Feb 8, 4:58am
Only really seen that on macs and some ultrabooks/netbooks (unibody designs).

gj, Feb 8, 5:53am
Not sure if you've understood the answers here.
If you DO have Windows 8 64bit then yes you can upgrade memory up to the max your notebook will allow. If you post the (exact) model number we can give more specific advice.

As already stated - integrated graphic GPU is not upgradeable, however why do you need to! It is technically possible to add an EXTERNALGraphic processor however it could cost as much as the laptop and would look something like this.

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