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don1751, Feb 7, 4:59am
I have decided I want an Ipad mini with 3g (no wifi hotspots nearby) but am having dificulty in buying one. I went to dick smith in downtown auckland who advertised them but the salesman said they didn't have any, not much help. Went to vodaphone downtown were the very helpful staff member demonstrated one but said to buy one I would have to go to their Albany or St Lukes branch. Went to Telecom and 2 degrees but they don't sell them according to the staff I spoke to.
My question is what is the easiest way to buy one of these and get it connected to the 3g network! (I live on a small island and travelling to the outskirts of Auckland is not easy without a car)

kintama_80, Feb 7, 5:03am
Order it at the Apple store / other retailer online then go to your carrier of choice and get a nanoSIM when the iPad arrives.

asterixs, Feb 7, 5:06am

_drdee_, Feb 7, 11:31pm
"go to their Albany or St Lukes branch"
I think you answered your own question there.

ejm89, Feb 7, 11:55pm
Have you got a phone that can hotspot to another device! Such as a smart phone or iPhone. Then you may be able to get a wifi and use your phone to connect it. That's if you get mobile 3G coverage. As iPad plans/data are expensive.

zak1998, Feb 8, 4:27am

don1751, Feb 9, 1:07am
Thanks for your help.

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