Opinions please - re 42inch LG TV

jills3, Feb 7, 4:25am
Hi,Friends have bought a new TV, asked me if I wanted their old 42inch LG TV with bracket,evidentially the TV looses the picture, but sounds etc is ok.I hate to think of them sending TV to the dump,do you think its work getting it repaired or would it be costly.If you think TV is not worth it,do you know of anywhere I can take it tobe recycled on the North Shore, Auckland,thanks alot.

wellystretch, Feb 7, 4:40am
When does it lose picture: while watching TV, or while watching DVD etc through RCA or HDMI connections!

jills3, Feb 7, 5:38am
Thanks wellystretch,looses picture while watching TV.

wellystretch, Feb 7, 7:07am
So my immediate line of thinking is that whatever they are using to receive TV broadcasts, i.e satellite or terrestrial receiver is at fault, not the TV. If that's not the case could you elaborate on what exactly is happening!

tmenz, Feb 7, 8:20am
Leave it outside my place - Either I'll fix it or I know someone who'll dispose of it properly!

aredwood, Feb 8, 10:32pm
If they use freeview they may have weak signal or an aerial cable issue. Freeview normally gives you either perfect picture or none at all. If your signal is borderline it will cut out all the time. Used to have trouble with TV3 and 4 not working randomly until I got a new aerial. Definitely say yes to their offer. You may get a free TV out of it.

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