Is there a SPAM virus going about?

nzoomed, Feb 10, 7:55pm
That emails everyone on their contact list with a link to a site with information about working from home!

I am getting a huge number of emails are coming in from business contacts and other people i know in my address book.

The link i get in all the emails is the same, yet my contacts who have sent me this do not know each other, only i know them, but it is being forwarded on to alot in their address books it seems.
the link is!12/108

mraffman, Feb 10, 8:03pm
Are they all from Xtra accounts by any chance! Mine are.

nzoomed, Feb 10, 8:08pm
The ones im getting are from Yahoo and Xtra accounts, which Xtra is a partner with at the moment.

At least its not just me, i wonder if someone has managed to hack their servers and grab their accounts addresses to use for spamming!

I got one email last night from a friend, and was a little surprised why they would spam me this rubbish, then this morning, my inbox is flooded with them.

shinedog, Feb 10, 8:13pm
Yep, me to and with xtra, 6 or so in the last day.

david_270, Feb 10, 8:22pm

mrfxit, Feb 10, 8:25pm
Been hearing of them getting through a few different isp accounts currently.
Yea pain in the butt with business accounts because you can't be really sure if it's spam or not until you open it.
They can't access my address book because I don't have 1 on the computer

mkr_ahearn, Feb 10, 8:29pm
Yes Ive had them and then one came from my partners email as well so I guess my emails been used to

nzoomed, Feb 10, 8:50pm
It appears there was some sort of Phishing scam that targeted Xtra customers, they then have more than likley have logged in to their webmail accounts and downloaded their address books stored on the server!
The emails look rather suspicious, with no subject and just a link in the body, however alot of friends email me links with no subject.

mrfxit, Feb 11, 1:13am
Problem there is that it's rare for me to use an email client & I haven't been in the Xtra account for ummm yea . awhile . (long before this round of crud emails)

nzoomed, Feb 11, 1:35am
Im with Orcon, so im not too worried, although it affects alot in the big picture, they Obviously have my Email address, and numerous other contacts from my friends address books etc.

Its explained in detail here:

lythande1, Feb 11, 1:53am
Yahoos! Yes.
Only crazy people use Yahoo.
If it's personal, use Gmail.
If it's business, use your domain email.

intrade, Feb 11, 2:00am
i had the same from yahoo sent to all my contacts. erased contacts now reset password and scanning for virus i think my win7 crap maybe compromized as i got avira on xp . got to get linux working for online on this lap thne i can be more sure i wont be compromized
also changed my tm password just in case

soupsoup, Feb 11, 4:26am
I didn't know only crazy people used yahoo. I only upgraded to broadband a few months ago. Took Telecom deal because it was too good to refuse financially. Telecom guy suggested I use yahoo or gmail in case I ever wanted to change provider in future. Have an issue with google, so went with yahoo. My a/c with old ISP is still open (paid annually
) so still getting mail thru' them on Outlook Express. Have had 2 from friends that I didn't like the look of, so I only previewed, not opened. Am I correct in assuming that as long as I don't open or connect to link, they (spammers) won't be able to send to people in my address book!

tmg, Feb 11, 5:17am
yes . the fact they now have these on a Spamlist database in Latvia or wherever can mean only one thing -- more to come

Now lets see how fast & effective Xtra/Yahoo can be in working out that emails from one normally NZ Addy being sent to another generally do not come here via Latvia or Russia

ie: Xtra/Yahoo it seems now have some considerable work to do in everyone's interest (not just their own Customers) to reduce the value of the harvested database to near on Zilch & wipe out any spam coming from that source now & in the future to Zero ;-)

tmg, Feb 11, 5:27am
the last comment about applying patches is fairly good lol ;-)

newbie5, Feb 11, 5:53am
wont make any difference I got one from yahoo and i am with gmail
If any of your contacts are infected then regardless of who you are with the email will get through

marion87, Feb 11, 7:46am
I'm with hotmail, got one from xtra email contacts, should i change my password on my email! could I be at risk! just had a look and can't find anywhere to change password as always logged on

fordcrzy, Feb 11, 7:48am
my yahoo accounts are ok but they are UK adresses. must only be the nz ones effected

nzoomed, Feb 11, 8:39am
Seriously, hotmail is even worse for SPAM than anything else!
I created a hotmail account years ago, and since day 1, i got bucket loads of SPAM in it.
I only use that address when signing up for various things on the internet or entering competitions, downloading files that require you to enter an email address, etc

coralr, Feb 11, 9:24am
what happens if someone clicks on the link sent in the email !

nzoomed, Feb 11, 9:58am
nothing, ive done it and checked the link, if your silly enough to enter your email address to "request info" however, expect to be spammed and/or have your email used as a spam address. the Whaleoil blog explains in detail what the site does.

lythande1, Feb 11, 7:10pm
Well now you do.
Telecom guy works for Telecom doesn't he, of course he'd suggest Yahoo.
If Gmail doesn't suit get a domain email.

tmg, Feb 12, 6:55am
aha but Microsoft are very pro-active in acting on malcontents misusing their site services these days -- as we have been seeing on reports

Yahoo in contrast are hopeless -- Report Spam = add to database

which inturn means litle if anything happens fast or at alland they just keep coming in

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