Hdd partition or not for xp ?

cat393, Feb 10, 2:25am
mixed views on inet,some say dont need and is faster,some say use a partition,still deciding.

If so then what size,I have 1tb to play with so plenty room

Long time since I reformatted too and think have stuffed up abit so any advice welcome pls

Is a spare hdd so no worries about needing in a hurry

r.g.nixon, Feb 10, 2:37am
I think my last XP partitions were either 10 or 15GB. Note that I forced 'My Documents' to use another volume. That makes 'image backups' of C: smaller and faster.

gj, Feb 10, 2:48am
Its not essential to have separate partition(s) but has plenty of advantages, and no it wont slow your computer and may even improve performance slightly. Here are 6 good reasons for partitioning your drive.

1. If you keep your Operating System and user configurations separate from data then its easier to reformat or recover, and quicker to do file maintenance and defrag etc.
2. Its simpler to do backups - one recovery backup for the Operating partition, and regular backups for your data partition(s)
3. Its often more convenient to use a drive letter (D: for Data for example) rather than a long file path (e.g. C:\Users\Myname\Data etc.)
4. for security you may want to encrypt some data - if this is done for a separate partition its much faster then encrypting the whole drive
5. If you have many thousands of files to organise, its sometimes easier to locate and faster to search, if you use separate partitions for large collections.
6. If you have a disk/file corruption or accidentally delete everything it will only affect the one partition and its easier and quicker to recover one partition than the whole drive.

gj, Feb 10, 2:53am
Depending on what other software you have loaded I would allocate 20-50GB for your system partition. And if you want to change sizes later or add a third partition, EASUS Partition Master (free version) is reliable and easy to use.

trad, Feb 10, 3:02am
Itb gee, I'm running XP on 20gb hdd (one partition).

cat393, Feb 10, 4:10am
thx very much for that,good info.

haha trad ,I would fill that up with a fraction of my stuff !

1 tb is cheap now as long as computer will handle it and need sata too

will go 50gb for partition as have plenty of space plus also have a spare tb hdd

Was running them in raid but had some issues so now just use one and one for backup

r.g.nixon, Feb 10, 4:16am
And for 'tweakers' with RAM to spare you might like to run a RAM drive.
I keep my %temp%/,%tmp% & Firefox cache on mine.

cat393, Feb 10, 9:29am
interesting,will read it later

hakatere1, Feb 10, 2:44pm
Be interested to know how you shifted the location of the cache folder r.g. Mine doesn't have the location of the disk cache folder in about:config to change to anywhere lol. ff4.

r.g.nixon, Feb 10, 6:51pm
I possibly did it this way, can't recall now.
http://lifehacker.com/5687850/speed-up-firefox-by-moving-your-cache-to-ram-no-ram-disk-required or http://apcmag.com/boost-performance-with-a-ram-drive.htm

(I do use hibernation most of the time so as to keep the cache pretty full).

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