HP DESKJET 1050 printing size help please !

snapperitup, Feb 10, 1:26am
I am trying to change the size of the way my printer prints as it is quite small when printed that i almost need glasses to read the printed information and docs.Usually you have a print to size or fit to page size but there is nothing to do this i dont think.Anyone else got any ideas please !

gj, Feb 10, 2:18am
More info needed. What are you trying to print! is it the same problem when printing from other programs! What OS! Have you done a test print from the printer OK! (Printer Properties | print test page)

mgc54, Feb 10, 2:26am
Try increasing the default size of your text in your web browser page.
Ctrl and + to increase, Ctrl and - to decrease, Ctrl and 0(zero) to revert to normal, or if your using a mouse with a scroller wheel on the top, Ctrl and scroller wheel to change.

mgc54, Feb 10, 2:37am
This DEFINATELY works for IE8 and an EPSON printer, see if it translates to your HP!

File/print then "preferences" in the printer window that opened.
Then "page layout" tick box against reduce/enlarge
tick "by percentage" and change to 135%

mgc54, Feb 10, 2:43am
And I went to HP's website to see if there was an online manual, and at the ref page there is a "Useful Link" for Text too small, try following the link, Note: I dont know if this means too small for viewing OR printing!
Note: the Operating system type is set for my PC.

gj, Feb 10, 2:56am
This has nothing to do with printing size!

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