How do I monitor the internet usage of my teens?

horseymum, Feb 11, 6:20am
Hi, I am after a software program that allows me to see what sites are accessed by my children and step children.I am not overly concerned about blocking sites, but would like to know who has accessed what sites, for how long, and from what device.We have four teens - with ipads, ipods, and also have household laptops.Yes we could turn the internet off, but some can self-regulate and some can't - I want to catch them out as they sneak off to their bedrooms with different devices after they've been told there is no more internet.I think its unfair to impose blanket bans when there is just one or two who continually break the rules.I was told about OpenDNS but it looks to me that this will only tell me what sites have been visited - I want to know time spent.Any suggestions would be most welcomed :-)

wellystretch, Feb 11, 6:25am!t=1282900

I used to have fun messing with my flatmates with this one, allows you to see all devices connected to a network, and bump them off one at a time, great when there is a data hog in the house!

farside03, Feb 11, 6:48am
They're looking at porn. They're teens. They'll do that. Even if you monitor them, they'll still be jacking off. Do you really want the specific details!
When I was flatting we had a router running (I think) tomato firmware that had usage monitoring by IP. It was just raw bytes in and bytes out per IP. Something like that would be better than trying to log every potentially embarrassing site.

serious6, Feb 11, 6:52am
maybe some have standards and don't want to ignore it.geez.

king1, Feb 11, 6:52am
perfect for knowing which devices are on and which are not.

If you are wanting to know which sites and times they are on then you probably need parental control software like netnanny

horseymum, Feb 11, 6:55am
farside if I was concerned re porn I would just block all adult sites.Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone :-)Edited to say, what I am most concerned about it overall time spent on the internet and who within the house is breaking the rules

spyware, Feb 11, 7:17am
To do what you want you have to intercept all the traffic so you need to build a gateway machine, either a linux box or a router running a router OS with appropriate software. And maybe write your own web apps to display data accordingly.

Sophos Web Protection can do what you wish, either has a hardware appliance or run on your own box as a virtual machine. Probably costs many thousands.

drsr, Feb 11, 7:21am
Gargoyle has a web usage log that includes the device name/address. It also makes it easy to block transgressors from the network, and impose time-based curfews and quotas. Search this forum for "Gargoyle" for more info.

-mung-, Feb 11, 7:30am
^^ yup, gargoyle works. Just buy a compatible router and follow the instructions for installation or ask here.

horseymum, Feb 11, 7:42am
Thanks drsr - that sounds great. Thanks mung and spyware too

_drdee_, Feb 12, 12:57am
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