Help please? Can load printer.

ianalice1, Jul 4, 5:10am
Help please? Can load printer. Hoping someone can help, please.
Yesterday my Windows XP Home packed a sad and I did a repair reload. Everything works now apart from the printer. I have an HP deskjet 3320. When Windows starts up, or I try to manually load the printer. It says has located the printer but then a box comes up with:- HP deskjet 3320 Series. Cannot install this hardware. There was a problem installing the hardware hpdeskjet 3320. An error occurred during the installation of this device. The specified color profile is invalid.

madazu, Jul 4, 6:13am
You need to install the software for the printer first then during the installation process it will ask you to plug in the printer to the USB port to continue the install, at this point the hardware drivers for the device are loaded. If you cannot find the original CD for your printer you can download the latest drivers for your printer from . But, you must not connect the printer until told to during the install process.

ianalice1, Jul 4, 6:13am
Help please? Anyone?????????

ianalice1, Jul 4, 9:31am
Thanks, madazu But that didn't work, neither. had to reload system, again but now won't detect the modem. Pain....

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