Hi have A old laptop wit VISTA n fried laptop win7

can i put win7 on the old laptop to replace the vista!

Small problem is the sticker with the product key on bottom of fried laptop the number has completely faded which aint really great eh!

geek_jacqui248, Feb 12, 8:02 am

You might be able to retrieve the number using 'Magical Jellybean' or SIW.

geek_r.g.nixon, Feb 12, 8:06 am

No because the license is tied to the brand of laptop and won't activate in a different branded laptop.

Regardless, if the hard disk is OK there are ways and means to possibly recover the product key

geek_king1, Feb 12, 8:08 am

thanks but do i need to use that on the actuall win 7 computer to get it! cos it not go. it fried to pieces.!

geek_jacqui248, Feb 12, 8:10 am

Like #4 says, OEM licenses can't be transferred to other machines, legally or in most cases practically.

geek_drsr, Feb 12, 9:15 am