New toshiba laptop died

moore., Feb 12, 8:11pm
Daughter bought new laptop, charged up for 5-6 hours, loaded her Norton , Microsoft onto it, and when she unplugged it to bring down to lounge, the laptop died on her, she can only use it if its plugged into battery charging

Any suggestions before we go back to shop today please would be appreciated.

monsieurl, Feb 12, 8:20pm
Just take it back. Why was Nortons and Microsoft (assuming Windows) not already installed!

moore., Feb 12, 8:23pm
not sure monsieuri, Mel bought it separetly in a pack.

we ourselves have just bought a Samsung and those two arnt installed.Have to do something about it shortly.

monsieurl, Feb 12, 8:34pm
I would take it back in and ask for an exchange! All the computers i have bought have had Windows pre-installed inc our Win 8 Toshiba we bought a few weeks ago.

king1, Feb 12, 8:50pm
talking about MS office i believe.

_drdee_, Feb 13, 12:18am
Is the battery fully plugged in!
Sounds like the battery is not clicked all the way in or a faulty battery.

gibler, Feb 13, 12:22am
Sometimes the default power saving settings can be very aggressive (when on battery))

moore., Feb 13, 3:58am
its all good now.we took it into the chap who sold to Mel and he played around with it, took battery out etc,also showed her she should "lock" in the battery which she hadn't done.All going well, happy face.thank you all.

moore., Feb 13, 4:00am
what do you mean pre installed!that is what we have, windows 8, Toshiba, but if we want windows we have to sign up for it etc.
our daughter has bought the student version as well as Norton in a package deal and we are going to share that.

haventrader, Feb 13, 4:07am
Hope you did not buy it from the shop that sells Just Laptops! They weren't very helpful when I returned my computer which was clearly a dud. And then failed to honour the warranty!

wombatunder, Feb 13, 8:12am
It sounds to me as though your daughter bought a package of Microsoft Office Home & Student (which comes with a licence for 3 computers) bundled with Norton AV.If the Norton is not a multi-licence pack then you can't "share" it.Quite candidly, you're better off using a better net security product than Norton, so if you clue up "needing" a second licence, don't bother.Avast and AVG both have free versions that are far more effective and less resource-consuming than Norton.

chnman, Feb 13, 9:29am
I will take a good guess that OP has got either of the two Norton security suites (Internet Security or 360), and if it is the most common version at retail stores, it will allow use on up to 3 PC's.If it was pre-installed on laptop, it would only be for that device.

If this is the case, I would recommend OP to ignore others that say to use a free antivirus. If OP didn't have an internet security suite, and didn't wish to pay for one, then a free antivirus could be an option.

I have used Norton for many years, and it gets knocked a fair bit by people that like to live in the past. Before around 2007 it was a totally different software, very bloated and resource hungry. I know because I used it back then.

If OP is still looking here, some good advice re Norton. Once installed, right-click the Norton icon on taskbar (bottom right) and do "check for new version". If it isn't latest, follow instructions to upgrade. After that all done, make sure you right-click icon again and "Run LiveUpdate". If it asks to restart computer now or later, do it now. Then once back in Windows, repeat multiple times until it says "no updates found". From then on it will update automatically. It is best to do this, because the latest version came out around Aug/Sept 2012, and there will be many you may have found with "Windows Update" when first run.

mone, Feb 13, 7:49pm
Norton.Now there's the root of the problem lol

_drdee_, Feb 13, 8:10pm
I would rather use Norton than AVG

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