HTC Desire X on Telecom XT?

mike0210, Feb 14, 5:31am
I'm a little confused.The specs for the DesireX state it's a 3G Network HSDPA 900 / 2100HSDPA 850 / 2100 phone.I know the 850/2100 is Telecom XT.Does this mean the phone can handle both sets of frequeuncies or is it pre-set for one network depending on the carrier!I'm on XT at the moment and would like to stay put and this is an ideal size and spec phone for me.Thanks.

ross1970, Feb 14, 5:42am
There will probably be 2 different handsets of that model :one 3G 900/2100 and one 3G 850/2100, not one handset capable of 3G 850,900,2100.

mike0210, Feb 14, 10:57am
Thanks,finding it impossible to track down the 850/2100 variant.anyone know where to find one!

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