Is it poss to record off Tv to computer HD

kevlight, Feb 14, 2:40am
have just bought a digital freeview TV, and noticed it has a USB port can i use this to record to my PC hard drive! and then play back to the TV ! and if so what do i need to do so,thanks

ians2, Feb 14, 2:53am
Shouldn't think so. But then it does very much depend on your TV. Mine just plays back (some) video files that have been downloaded from the interweb or converted from DVD's.

kevlight, Feb 14, 3:18am
TV is aAkaiAK 32 FLED

it has ATV/dtv/media/av/pc/component/-

Display resolution1920x1080

the computer is PC windows Xp pro,1gb hard drive

can i use the computer as a media centre ! and how do i hook it up ! .is there any software i need, thanks

monsieurl, Feb 14, 3:35am
If it's a personal video recorder (PVR) freeview player then yes you can, you simply plug a flash drive in and record on too it, usually the format needs to be converted to watch on your PC but some Codec players like VLC will allow you to watch.

dudekrulz, Feb 14, 5:26am
What TV brand it is! Some TV will 'lock' the USB /hard drive so it can be only played throguh that TV and none elses.

dudekrulz, Feb 14, 5:29am
What's best is a TV tuner card to capture TV onto your hard drive. Do be aware that it'll take a bit of room, particularly for HD content.

kevlight, Feb 14, 7:34am
dudekrulz ,hican you say why i need a tv tuner card! when the TV has one,I was hoping to just use a usb cord, to connect to the computer to record and play back movies.on the computer hd

computer has a 1gb ram and 160 mb hard drive

bluecambridge, Feb 14, 7:56am
I take it your hard drive is 160GB, not 160MB. The USB port on your TV is designed for playback only via USB flashdrive and (maybe) external harddrive. A TV tuner card is an add-on device for your PC that enables you to watch (and, yes, record) TV on your PC. You need to connect your tuner card to the antenna, just like you would a TV. Another option, probably easier, especially considering the small size of your hard drive, is to get a Personal Video Recorder (PVR) - like a freeview set-top box, except with a built-in Hard Drive that you can record TV onto. Or you can buy it lots cheaper without the harddrive and just record onto usb flashdrive or external hard drive, via the PVR's usb port.

spyware, Feb 14, 8:16am
Your hoping is in vain as no TV flows through the USB to your computer.

And Windows 7 Media Center and you can watch and record TV on your computer.

rayonline_tm, Feb 14, 8:35am
Re: the TV read the manual.It just depends what it supports etc .It probably just supports a USB stick.It may not work when connected to the computer.But then, you need to know what format to use like youtube videos saved or pictures so that TV can read them .So that said, if you really wanna save them into the computer.Get a capture card which has AV input maybe HDMI these days, dunno.That way you can save them onto the PC, like how some folks save their VHS cassettes into the computer and then dubbed into a DVD disc.Howeveryou may find that the many TV cards have the AV input as well for just a couple more dollars you may as well get the TV card + capture abilities.

The TV tuner card added into the computer would be more flexible.You can watch TV, record it onto your HD or anywhere on the PC and can do playback.If the PC has DVI or HDMI or AV you can play it on the TV as well off the computer.

PVR is another option maybe easier maybe more expensive.

firefly001, Feb 14, 8:44am
I've got a dishtv freeview with a usb slot that i can use to record tv but can't be usb stick (have to use portable hard drive with it's own power supply) and we watch torrents off same hard drive.Don't know anything about the formats but it easier to watch the recorded tv - the freeview decoder know where you finished watching and you don't have to navigate through lots of folders on the hard drive (which is a pita if the remote batteries are going flat)! .

rojill, Feb 14, 9:50am
firefly001 wrote:
I've got a dishtv freeview with a usb slot that i can use to record tv but can't be usb stick (have to use portable hard drive with it's own power supply)

.Suggest you invest in a high speed SD card fitted into a USB adapter then plug into Dish decoder.
I had the same problem initially and just upgraded to a faster card. Also more expensive. Works like a dream, easy to locate recordings and so simple to use.

spyware, Feb 14, 9:58am
Really talking in riddles. What does the op have to produce an HDMI output - absolutely nothing. TV certainly isn't supplying such, as TVs have HDMI inputs only. Modern TVs also do not output analog composite representations of the transport stream for any capture card AV inputs.

Buy an HDHomerun. Connect to UHF antenna to device and transport stream is broadcast over the computer network. Start W7 Media Center or Media Portal and watch.

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