Sound card?


My sound goes kcthhhhhhhh kkkkkkkchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh kctchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! whenever sound is playing. It's a bit difficult to spell, but it sounds like an untuned tv channel.

Anyway, I have updated the drivers - no change.

I was looking to put a new sound card in, but this confuses me.

Motherboard is an ASUS m2n e sli - it seems it is built in and i don't have a sound card(!) please confirm (!) I just have a couple of little tin boxes for the audio ports, that i can see.

Some cheapie cards i see on TM don't look like they will fit. I don't need anything amazing, i use headphones.

Suggestions appreciated.

geek_flitt, Feb 13, 4:31 pm

Any PCI soundcard compatible with your OS should be OK (are you using Vista!) But how do you know for sure it is a hardware problem! How have you troubleshooted to reach this conclusion!

This one might be OK but check online for drivers first
Listing #: 560746356

geek_gj, Feb 13, 5:06 pm

try slowing graphics accel, and also cleaning usb ports with alc.sounds odd but connection needs to be solid.if your card supports asio you should be using that.headphones or speakers.crap = Crap at the ears.
Check Avid cards

geek_talanoatime, Feb 13, 5:18 pm

gj - Vista yes. I am not sure what the issue is. I re-installed drivers, as said, and now, here i am.

talanoatime - the internals of pc were cleaned not long ago, and then this problem arose a few days later. I suppose it is possible a bit of crap got into the connection. So I just pull off those little tin cubes and clean about there, i take it.

geek_flitt, Feb 13, 8:16 pm

Aha - so now you're telling the rest of the story! how were "the internals cleaned"!, as this is likely the cause. If you plan to repeat the process there is a good chance you will do even more damage. No offence intended, but if you "pull off the little tin cubes" it will go bye-bye forever!

geek_gj, Feb 13, 9:18 pm

Internals were cleaned professionally - with all due care, I can only .hope.

I had gone away for a month, and when i came back it wouldn't start up and just beeped at me. I took it into the local Chinese computer guy who replaced a 'capacitor', I believe it was.

It worked well for a couple of days and then this malarkey.

geek_flitt, Feb 14, 12:23 pm