How to change password in Outlook Express?

If you've opened one of those virus emails and clicked on the link, what should you do! Change your password in Outlook Express!I've tried to find where to change it but can't see how to. Can anyone help please!

geek_nicki5, Feb 13, 7:53 am

If all you've done is click the link then there's no need to change your password.

If you've been tricked by a fake 'verify your account' page and given them your password, that's a different matter. FIRST you need to call whoever handles your mail and get them to change the password at the server end. Then the next time you start Outlook Express it will be told that the password it's using (the old password) is wrong, and it will prompt you for the new password

geek_little_egypt, Feb 13, 7:59 am

ring your ISP, they have to do it from their end - only necessary if you are a telecom customer.
then on your end in OE tools->accounts -> d/click the email account, and change password on the servers tab

geek_king1, Feb 13, 8:02 am

thanks little_egypt

geek_nicki5, Feb 13, 8:02 am

thanks king1

geek_nicki5, Feb 13, 8:03 am

or you can do it yourself

geek_king1, Feb 13, 8:08 am

thanks king1.My parents got one of those emails they showed on the news today, and clicked on the link.
I got one sent to me at work today too, I clicked on the link several times, trying to work out why I'd been sent it!

geek_nicki5, Feb 13, 8:18 am

Why do people do this still!.

geek_tigra, Feb 13, 6:56 pm