Panasonic TV 42" Plasma service over 1 month?

We are now told that the power supply part won't be in NZ until 22 Feb, the Panasonic repairers (Taupo) have had our 5 mth old TV for a month!
Is this normal!

geek_erdrick, Feb 12, 7:24 pm

No.What happened to the warranty!
Whoever you purchased it from should've replaced the tv with a new one.

geek_rayza59, Feb 12, 7:52 pm

We just assumed it would be repaired under warranty, at no cost of course. It seemed a minor fault/repair - just can't believe Panasonic parts are not held in NZ and have to be imported!

geek_erdrick, Feb 12, 8:06 pm

You may have purchased it new - but was it a discontinued model on sale!

geek_gj, Feb 12, 8:46 pm

Yes, but why should that make a difference!

geek_erdrick, Feb 12, 8:48 pm

They should of dropped off a 32" LCD at least on request

geek_graemehw, Feb 12, 8:53 pm

Because it may have been manufactured over 2 years ago, and no spares remaining in stock locally. Its one of the risks of buying 'on special' but the manufacturer still has to honour the warranty. Ask the reseller to arrange a free loan until its returned - no harm in asking!

geek_gj, Feb 12, 8:53 pm

As a matter of interest ,what is the model number

geek_1830, Feb 12, 9:48 pm

Sounds pathetic , you can get Toyota car parts ex Japan within 10 days usually , but that's car parts . Tho' don't see why T.V should be different given the +thousands+ worldwide .

geek_zeroh, Feb 12, 9:53 pm

Sure can, when they are off the shelf parts. Takes a bit longer if they are waiting for them to be produced though aye.

geek_wellystretch, Feb 12, 10:14 pm

My (lost) replacement Mercedes car keys took 2 months to arrive from Germany - car sits in driveway.

geek_mwood, Feb 12, 10:40 pm

Its a THP42X50Z

geek_erdrick, Feb 13, 12:59 pm

That's not really a fault with the parts is it.

geek__drdee_, Feb 13, 2:12 pm

Under the CGA the repair has to be completed in a reasonable amount of time and parts must be available for it.
This is where interpretation comes in as to what is reasonable. Most agree that anything over 30 days starts becoming un-reasonable.

geek__drdee_, Feb 13, 2:22 pm

Thanks,but not same model as mine

geek_1830, Feb 13, 11:17 pm

geek_hakatere1, Feb 14, 2:55 am