TV repair issue

_drdee_, Feb 12, 11:49pm
Samsung TV started playing up in April 2012, it would go a weird coloured hue and switch the screen off It was under extended warranty so I booked it in. It came back repaired (Y-board failure). About two weeks later the same fault came back. I booked it back in and they said the part they fitted was faulty. Got it back and it worked fine until December when it started occasionally starting up with a coloured hue on the picture but would come right after a few minutes, this happened intermittently and with any input coming into it so I figured it was the TV again with the same/similar fault starting again. The extended warranty was going to run out on 26 December so I booked it in on the 20th.
Well after hearing nothing since then I decided to chase it up today (nearly 2 months), apparently no fault found and I will be charged for the time to look at it, now warranty is finished.

lythande1, Feb 13, 12:18am
You don't need extended warranties. They are a con. You are covered under the Consumer Guarantees. In fact as this fault keeps happening you would be entitled to a refund or replacement, your choice,

_drdee_, Feb 13, 1:09am
I usually get extended warranties because they cover things like wear and tear and moisture damage, not covered by the CGA.

TV is now just over 5-years old, pushing it a bit for CGA don't you think! Reasonable amount of time.

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