Windows 8 and printer installation

ribzuba, Mar 12, 12:32pm
I just bought a new laptop with windows 8 and it came with a printer from HP.Tried to install printer software today and it turns out it is not compatible with Windows 8, it is too modern for it.In the help forum it said if you have updated the OS to 8 then you can still use the printer but not if you have 8 from new.Would a good techie be able to help or should I just get a new printer!

lythande1, Mar 12, 6:20pm
Have a look on HPs website - see if there is a driver for it.
If not, new printer.

stevel_knievel, Mar 12, 7:02pm
We may be able to help you. What's the model of the printer!

But if you can't get it working, go back to the retailer and get them to sort it out.

_drdee_, Mar 12, 11:29pm
most likely a printer driver on HP support page for that printer, unlikely on the disk that came with the printer. Those disks are a waste of time and should just be biffed anyway, the website will virtually always have a better and more current driver/software for printers.

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