External Hard drive help?

hereiam1962, Mar 12, 6:47am
Have plugged my external hard drive in but computer isn't reading it , is there anything I can do tia!

king1, Mar 12, 7:56am
try different ports, different computer, any error messages

hereiam1962, Mar 12, 7:44pm
HI have done all that but no joy no messages coming up at all

shaun16, Mar 12, 7:55pm
is it one that has a power plug! or does it just run off the USB power! i find with my one that doesnt have a power plug that it needs to be run off the back usb ports. if i use a front one it wont work.

_drdee_, Mar 12, 11:27pm
With the drive plugged in put your ear up against it, is it making a repetitive tick or beep! Or any noise at all!

guest, May 4, 9:14am
Smack-dab what I was looknig for-ty!

theig7wmyknk, Jul 7, 9:53am
Unlbeievable how well-written and informative this was.

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