System lockup when browsing HDD files

vicvic, Feb 22, 2:58am
I was going through some photos on a separate 1TB HDD used purely for storage when I noticed some were damaged, then I started getting complete freezes when browsing other photos. I tried error-checking under properties > tools but it even locks up halfway in that too.

Is the HDD on the way out! Is there any safe way I can find out exactly what's corrupted and backup what isn't!

using WinXP Pro SP3. The HDD is a WD halved in 2 partitions; NTFS and FAT32.

r.g.nixon, Feb 22, 5:09am
The HDD might be on the way out.
The safe way is to clone the drive onto an empty drive, preferably while both drives are attached via SATA or IDE ports (rather than USB).
Then you can run diagnostic programs over the suspect drive.

mm12345, Feb 22, 5:51am
Before doing that, unless you have another backup of the photos, I'd be running something like photorec on the drive to get as much as you can off it and save it elsewhere.
If the drive is failing due to head crash etc, every time you try to access it (and that includes using diagnostic software to check it, or to clone it) you may be losing data.

vicvic, Mar 7, 9:13am
I've tried that photorec program but it just sits there doing nothing when I start scanning. I tried another drive and it starting finding files instantly so the program works, but it can't scan the damaged drive. I don't think I can clone it either, it's a 1gb HDD and I don't have another that big lying around. What other options do I have!

duggin, Mar 12, 9:23pm
Have you tried a Live CD of some sort!Sometimes this works when the installed hdd plays up.

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